Andre François

Andre François was a Hungarian-born illustrator, painter, sculptor and graphic designer in France. He also designed ballet and theatre sets during his career. However, he was most famous for his illustrations in UK’s leading magazine “Punch,” and for US’s “The New Yorker. Before his fame, François went to school at the Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest for one year, and soon after worked under the famous, A.M. Cassandre in Paris. He is also well known to have put his efforts into countless amounts of book covers for Penguin Books. Unfortunately his career had taken a turn in December 2002 when his studio had burned down, destroying a lot of his works.

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François has a very distinct illustration style. I find that the reason why I was led to researching François was because of how familiar his work was to me. It had a sense of nostalgia, perhaps because I may have read some of books he had illustrated for. It just goes to show how influential he had been with his style of illustration. I also admire his “rough” and “dark” style as people describe it, against the light heartedness of children’s stories.


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