Rationale For Mannifesto

For my sustainable design mannifesto, I considered a few different analogies for sustainability before deciding on the footstep. To me, it relates well to the idea of the double-edged sword of design and its impacts (perpetuating consumerism as well as impacting the world in positive and progressive ways. The imagery chosen expresses a different perspective that designers should always strive for while approaching and examining problems from different angles. By thinking ahead and applying sustainable practices we are looking up at the impact of our decisions in advance. The color motif reflects and acknowledges the role of the environment within the message. The typography is sans serif and contemporary, tying in with the theme of acting with the future in mind.

Evaluation 8/10

I believe this poster is aesthetically pleasing, boasts a nice layout and the imagery ties in with the copywriting. It has a fresh and heartening look to it. Having played with inverting the image so as to have the figure white instead of black indicating the “lightness” of the footsteps I decided against it as the contrast between impact vs footprint is lessened. The Hierarchy in the headline is intended to support it. I had hoped to break get expressive with the last few lines of my copy letting it flow out of the grid indicating the power of strength in numbers and inspiring others to follow however upon experimentation it seemed a bit too ambiguous even for me. I am unsure if applying white to distinguish the type referring to the four pillars of sustainable design was a good idea or an unnecessary and confusing distraction.

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