Aidan Zecchel: Resume, Rationale and Self-evaluation

For my tailored resume I chose Brandever, a small branding agency specializing in beer, wine and fine food packaging. Their strategic and creative driven approach has churned out some lovely work that’s been catching my attention since before pursuing design on my own! I really love the versatility displayed in their work, especially applying traditional medium treatment to some of their projects. In hopes that their niche in the design market reflects their own appreciation for good food and drink, I made referred to my past vocations in the food industry. I even made my own wine glass stain on paper and transferred it to my layout. For typography, I chose a strong contrasting pair, Eczar for title has a strong personality, especially at a heavy weight, while Helvetica balances it out. I ended up reducing my written content in favour of more white space.

This assignment was a fun one that I’m sure the class would agree with me, prompted some excitement and anticipation for our futures! While researching agencies I stumbled upon Brandever and although there wasn’t a lot of background info on them I was super stoked on their portfolio and ethics. With lots to say about myself, I found it tough to remain succinct but managed in the end as I’m reminded that a resume’s purpose is to bring you, not get you the position! I had hoped to organize with John Lau to print my resume on a thicker stock and then put my wine glass on it (which is what I will do if I decide to forward this to them) but the timing didn’t work out. As a result, I used my camera to photograph some I made and place it behind my text which was a bit finicky. I found myself building layouts more so around the constraints of the size of my photo etc. rather than the other way around. After playing around with my composition, however, I’m happy with the results as I’ve nodded to their speciality in a conceptual way but I believe I could re-execute it even better.  I give myself an 8.5/10. Below are included a few alternative layouts.

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