My Student e-Portfolio

This blog was my student e-portfolio while I was studying at CapU. I’ve since graduated and am working as a Communications Specialist for a non-profit. I’m not actively updating the site, but I’m still proud of the work here!

*waves goodbye*

Alicia Neptune, Bachelor of Communication Studies

Alicia Neptune

The project-based Communication Studies degree taught me a critical approach to media and communication, which I applied to practical tasks like writing press releases, media articles, and strategic communication plans.

Program highlights

  • Strategic Communication
  • Project Management
  • Marketing
  • Presentation Skills for Public Speaking
  • Visual Communication
  • Conflict and Communication
  • Publishing
  • Business Writing and Editing

My work experience has included outreach for a non-profit organization, mentoring students creating ePortfolios, and editorial roles for magazines and newspapers. Outside work, I’ve developed and strengthened my creative communication skills through personal projects like shooting and editing videos and building a website with Neocities (which was the precursor to this ePortfolio!).

Below, you’ll find a few of my favourite examples of my work.


On an especially fine June day, I took my camera with me on a walk and tried to record the things I noticed in this lyrical ode to the start of the summer.
A short documentary about scrapbooking, memories, and preserving family history. 


Vancouverite You Should Know: Artist BenG,

In one of my first interviews for VanMag, I spoke to screen printing artist Ben Goerlach, who invited me into his home studio just prior to his first solo exhibition. Writing about the artistic process and cultural commentary was a joy, but I was especially gratified that BenG felt I understood and represented him well.

Mastering the Art of Mindful Living, Still

Still was a one-off publication centred around the theme of mindfulness and mental health for young adults. It was produced by Capilano University’s CMNS 490 Magazine Publishing Group in Spring 2018. I had the privilege of interviewing my own mindfulness coach, Brandi Matheson, and discussing the effects of mindful living from a personal perspective. I was grateful for the opportunity to write a piece that was personally meaningful and might even help someone who is going through a similar struggle with stress and anxiety.