final project | synthetic dreams (demo)

For my final project, I chose to create my own work of electronic literature. The result was the demo of synthetic dreams, a work of hypertext fiction built with Twine which explores the ways we navigate thoughts and the ways we navigate data.

A second-person narrative, the player inhabits a character whose brain is part organic and part synthetic and therefore able to access “the network” directly from their mind. The network responds to requests for information first in logical ways and then in increasingly abstract ways if the user is not satisfied.

When the user’s needs are simple, like wanting to know the current temperature or the train schedule, the network can respond efficiently. When the user’s needs are more complex however, like when they are pondering the beauty of a sunset or a stranger’s bare arms and shoulders, the network begins to pull from its bank of literature, poetry, and user-generated content to find answers.

You can read my artist’s statement here.

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