About Me

Hi, I’m Alicia Neptune. Communications Studies student. Writer. Journal-keeper. Zine-maker. Curious human.

It's me. Alicia Neptune.

This is me—a storyteller and media geek. I’m drawn to creative pursuits, from doodling to making music to editing videos. I am earnest, that potent combination of serious and sincere. You’ll frequently find me reading novels, watching movies, listening to Broadway cast albums, or journaling.

I’m in the last year of my undergraduate degree in Communication Studies. I currently work as a Page at my local library, shelving books, an ePortfolio peer mentor at CapU, and as a Content Coordinator for Silver Valley-Academy Park Neighbours, a small community magazine in Maple Ridge. I’ve previously interned at Western Living and Vancouver magazines, spent a summer as an Outreach Organizer for the Metro Vancouver Alliance, and written for the Capilano Courier.

You can find more of my writing and creative projects on my website, along with links to my various social media profiles. You can also reach me by email at neptune.alicia@gmail.com.

(I spend a lot of time on Instagram. My posts have lengthy captions and my story frequently includes one-woman dance parties. You’d dig it.)