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For ENGL 335 Electronic Literature, I kept a weekly journal to reflect on the readings and works of e-lit we looked at. The works included websites, art games, interactive fiction, and other “born-digital” pieces. If you’re interested in e-lit, or interactive fiction in particular, I would love to talk to you about it! Tweet me, email me, leave a comment—you know the drill.

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journal #1adventures in animated text

journal #2generative literature and digital poetics

journal #3narrative perspective and interactive fiction

journal #4 • quests & gameplay

journal #5jim andrews & aleph null 3.0

journal #6digital humanities

journal #7 • ghost in the cell (phone)

journal #8zwitschermaschine

journal #9 • page & screen

journal #10 • a collage made of code

twine resources

final project: synthetic dreams