Video Projects

Ever since I was a kid with a camcorder and Windows Movie Maker, I’ve loved making videos. I’ve updated my camera and editing software since then (thank god) and my enthusiasm for video projects has only grown.

From home movies and short personal documentaries to media analysis and event promos, I write/shoot/edit a wide variety of video content. You can view a few samples below.

For more, check out my YouTube channel.

Initiative promotion

A demo video promoting a hypothetical carpooling initiative called CapCommutes. I wrote and performed the voice over and edited the video.
Created collaboratively with Christina Jagg, Natalie Korsch, and Delaney Steel.
[BADM 318 Project Management]

Media analysis

An analysis of the depiction and absence of asexuality in popular media.
[FILM 323 Queer Cinema]


A short documentary about scrapbooking, memories, and preserving family history.
[FILM 308 Documentary Cinema Arts]

Video diary

A nostalgia-tinged video diary chronicling a day at the beach with family and friends.