Günther Kieser is a German graphic designer best known for his psychedelic posters. He studied at the School of Applied Arts in Offenbach. After finishing there he began working as a freelance designer for a small radio station. He started working with another graphic designer named Hans Michel and they started a design studio together called Michel + Kieser.

Kieser, Jimi HendrixKLEIN

How did our dear Gunther end up creating iconic posters during the psychedelic movement? Well, he first started out by creating posters for the Frankfurt Jazz Festival. He busted into the music scene and from there went on to create posters for the Who, The Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix and more.


As he worked in the pre-digital era, he made everything by hand, which is really quite impressive considering the incredibly tactile designs that he created. When I look at his work I can’t imagine making the things that he did, but it definitely makes his work stand out, especially in the digital age that we now find ourselves in.

Kieser, Frieden

His work is often surreal and shows his big imagination. He wanted to really capture music, something that isn’t visual, in the same way that music captures our attention and hearts.