Herb Lubalin (1918-1981) was a graphic designer best known for his fabulous typography work. He studied at the Cooper Union in New York and went on to become an art director at several different agencies in town. In 1964 he opened his own studio called Herb Lubalin Inc. He also founded the Typeface Corporation in 1970 with Aaron Burns and Ed Rondaler. They wanted to sell original high quality typefaces while ensuring that their designers earned royalties from their work.

He is a master of communication and injects meaning into almost all of what he does. This often means using type. As he describes it, he is not a ‘typography’ he simply designs using type. Looking at his work you can see how integral type is to the communicative value of what he creates.

He also art directed for a number of publications like Eros, Fact, Avant Gard and U&lc (Uppercase and Lowercase). Sone of which he also created the logos for. It is in his logos that you can see his true talents at work as he effortlessly and simply creates logos that are clever and lovely to look at.

He is a revolutionary figure in design because he changed the way that people see and use type. As such a powerful designer he has received numerous awards including the AIGA Medal, Art Director of the Year by the National Society of Art Directors and more!