For my final project, I am creating my own version of the story On the Sidewalk Bleeding, by Evan Hunter. 

  • I have hoped to experiment with a sort of watermark (for the blood and rain) if possible. Especially the blood to give it a really intense feel. 
  • I had originally wanted to make this with as little text as possible, I am more interested in the visuals than language… however I know there are some main quotes that would really add that punch I am after. I will experiment and see what looks best. 
  • I have a minimalistic approach to drawings, I usually do a lot of pencil but would like to use reds, blues, and blacks. Also, purple for the jacket, of course.  But keep it simple. 

Below is how I see the title card.

A little more inspiration to prove that visuals can go a long way verses a lot of text.

More inspiration below from other artists: I chose to share these because I feel they give a good visual reference with the relationship between the two main characters. A fading romance perhaps. Andy’s love is the only thought that’s keeping him alive. On the Sidewalk Bleeding really stood out to me out of all the stories read in class. There is something so beautiful and haunting about it. I feel so deeply for Andy and wish I could help him as I read the story. You’re so close to the character yet cannot do anything to help.

Some sketching of what I may go for visually.