Systems+Art Showcase

2018 Student Research Symposium

“A “sculpture” that physically reacts to its environment is no longer to be regarded as an object. The rang of outside factors affecting it, as well as its own radius of action, reach beyond the space it materially occupies. It thus merges with the environment in a relationship that is better understood as a “system” of interdependent processes. These processes evolve without the viewer’s empathy. He becomes a witness. A system is not imagined, it is real.”

The State of Real: Aesthetics in the Digital Age


  1. Globalization and Self
  2. Privacy and Security
  3. Internal vs external conflict
  4. Systems Theory

How do these things come together?


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Forensic Artist

Each writer will have their own unique techniques when they go about establishing a character. The physical features and story-events work together to develop an image for the reader, usually with the hope that it may reflect a character that the author has in mind. Outside library walls, building a coherent character plays a significant role in the work of local coroners, investigation teams or “Forensic Artists”. Accurate description and representation of reality become charged with flesh-and-blood value. The author’s ability may determine the safety of another. By compiling public sets of data from Canada’s Missing Database I wanted to create an alternative description for the missing persons.

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