International Model UN

In the Fall of 2017, Essi Kashani and I will be representing Capilano University in the International Model United Nations Conference.

We have the benefit this year of the conference location being set close to home, in Banff, Alberta. The sessions will have a focus in Indigenous Relations while incorporating all of the United Nations committees as a foundation.

We have been chosen to represent the nation of Myanmar and will be taking a closer look at the political identity with our Faculty Adviser, Dr. Ramjee Parajulee over the course of the semester.

Capturing the Conference ◊ 

Pre-conference Position Paper (.docx)

Working Paper Resolution (.docx)

Summary and Reflection (Link)


Course Work and Research:


Issue of Ethnic Nationalities in Myanmar ◊ Walton: Ethnicity, Conflict, and History in Burma: The Myths of Panglong

My Response (.pdf)

Foreign Policy, Environment and Industry ◊ Aung: Evaluation of the Environmental Impact Assessment System and Implementation in Myanmar: Its Significance in Oil and Gas Industry

My Response (.pdf)

Decentralization and State Building ◊ Nyein: Ethnic Conflict and State Building in Burma, Review. Journal of Contemporary Asia.

My Response (pdf.)

Ethnic Politics and Land Rights ◊ Kramer: Ethnic Conflict and Land Rights in Myanmar.

My Response (.pdf)