Vancouver’s 30Network

This spring I am working with CityHive to transform the way that youth are engaged in civic processes, planning and decision-making in Vancouver.

The organization is partnered with YouthfulCities, which has a global initiative to rank the world’s top 100 cities (from a youth perspective) and help lead unique urban regeneration events in the process.

Together, CityHive & Youthful Cities co-host the 30Network, which has chosen to focus on Civic Engagement for 2018 (in 2017 the focus was Housing and Affordability). This is a “pop-up think-and-do tank” that brings together the top 30 young urban influencers under 30 in Metro Vancouver to share the most-current issue that need to be tackled and build projects to address civic disengagement in the city. 

The whole cohort found here, as well as the group’s projects, which will be updated throughout the process.