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Bruce Mau is an influential Canadian designer who has left a strong mark on the landscape of Canadian design in the past few decades. Growing up, he planned to become a scientist, but a one year arts program at Sudbury Secondary School helped introduce him to design. He had to take apart and refurbish a vintage, single color printer, which he then used to print a four color print, taking it apart again for each new color. His formal art education began at Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD), but he left before graduating to work at the design firm Fifty Fingers.

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Mau’s rebrand of OCAD University

After a few years at Fifty Fingers, Mau spent a year at Pentagram in London. When he returned to Canada, he founded Public Good Design and Communications, which eventually led to the shoot-off Bruce Mau Design (BMD), which he ran for more than twenty years as creative director. Here, he expanded his practice, working with architecture, film, wayfinding, and various other avenues. One of Mau’s most famous projects was to design Zone 1/2, a massive book on urbanism from contemporary critical thinkers.

In 1998, Mau produced one of his most well known works, a 43 point long program called Manifesto for Growth, which aims to help creatives improve the way they think about and do their work. In 2003, Mau founded Institute Without Boundaries, a design program at George Brown University. In 2010 he founded the Massive Change Network, along with his wife, Bisi Williams. Since 2015, Mau has been working as the chief design officer at Freeman, a worldwide design company.

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