Design Manifesto

The Building Blocks of Meaningful Design by Emma Sun

In my design manifesto, I describe the 4 pillars of sustainable design on the left side of the building. On the right side, I describe my own beliefs in relation to how I can contribute to creating sustainable and meaningful design. The construction and a building as imagery is a metaphor for having “quality design principles” as building blocks to create a solid “foundation” for building a design career. To make this scenario obvious, I used red to emulate a typical red brick building, as well as a blue sky, yellow crane and cement pavement. In my manifesto, everything is said in short statements so as to have a higher impact and be straight to the point. Certain words are highlighted in white to exhibit a sense of importance, and to create divisions in the text so that the words do not get mixed together with a lack of hierarchy. On the right side, lines are also employed to separate my individual beliefs. Overall, I give myself 9/10. I dedicated a lot of time to this assignment and had revised and made a few versions of the poster based on the critiques I received from my teacher and my peers. In comparison to my past work ethic, I feel proud that I had actually taken the time to revise and correct details. This is also my first time creating a project in Illustrator, as I have been trying to avoid it due to my lack of knowledge using the program. I’m glad I took the time to learn, so as to build up experience in using a program I will definitely need to rely on in the future.


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