My target employer was Railyard Lab

Created by Dossier, it is a summer internship that brings business and design students together to create solutions for businesses as well as the Vancouver community.

For my resume, I utilized the predominant red present on Railyard Lab’s site to associate with their branding. The red encompasses the entire resume in hopes to garner more attention. In my personal profile, I expressed my passion for both business and design, as well as my capabilities, catering to their brand mottos.

I wanted to keep my resume simple and matter of fact, so that my potential employer could scan easily and find the information that they need

I would give myself 5/10 for this project, as there is no creativity in my resume. Although I was striving for minimalism, my resume turned out pretty bland. I now realize that I should showcase more of my design skills because Railyard lab looks for diversity in their prospects, and people who stand out.

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