Brian Froud is an English fantasy illustrator. He lives and works in Devon with his wife, Wendy Froud, who is also a fantasy artist. The landscapes in his paintings are frequently inspired by Dartmoor. Brian’s interests include world mythology, magical esoterica, archetypal psychology, creating enchanted environments in home and garden, and silliness of all sorts. 

Brian raised in Winchester, studied graphic arts. He worked as a commercial illustrator in London. After that, he began to explore a deeper interest in mythic themes with the publication of Faeries, co-created with Alan Lee, in 1978. 
Brian was the conceptual designer and costume designer for the films “The Dark Crystal” and “Labyrinth”.
He collaborated with Terry Jones who was a screenwriter on “Labyrinth”, “The Goblins of the Labyrinth” and they subsequently on a number of non-Labyrinth-related books about fairies and goblins.
He has also worked with American writer Ari Berk on more recent books and produced art books such as Good Faeries/Bad Faeries. One of his most famous art books “Faeries” produced in collaboration with Alan Lee. It was the basis of a 1981 animated feature of the same name.

“HESTIA” (1998)
“Faery Hare”
“Sleeping Beauty”

~Impressions~ His works is very fantastic and beautiful. I like such a view of the world illustration so I like his works. I thought so amazing what he can drawing imaginary thing in realistically.