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September 2018

141 week 4

Survey 2: God and Gutenberg The written word from manuscript bibles to the invention of printing and typography. Lecture/discussion: Survey 2 God and Gutenberg (0-1450) Austin’s Butterfly: how to critique effectively In class handouts Survey 2 Project scanning instructions Cain,… Continue Reading →

141 week 3

Survey 1: handprints and handwriting Man’s evolution from cave paintings, to hieroglyphs and alphabets. E-handout Cornell Notetaking System Lecture/discussion: Survey 1 Handprints and handwriting In class handouts History Book Project Briefs Handout Survey 1 Handout Timeline Survey 1 & 2… Continue Reading →

141 week 2

Morning workshop with Tania Alekson, IDEA’s dedicated librarian. General library resources for IDEA Resources specific to the 141/142 classes Afternoon workshop with Patrick Cotter, copywriter. Copywriting Lecture Writing Tips

141 week 1

Welcome! Looking at the world from different points of view. Lecture/Discussion: Course Overview Handouts Project 1 blog and reading list Project 2 yearbook spread Make sure you’re sitting comfortably

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