It will be a big plus in your career.

Writing is going to play a more important role in your career than you might realize. The ability to write strong rationales about your work is invaluable. One of the top requests we get from our industry advisory panel is “Make them better writers.”

So I would encourage you all to do as much writing as you can. I would also encourage you—once you get to second-year—to list writing as one of your skills when you start applying for summer internships. On top of that, any published credits you can add to your résumé will really help.

Here are a few ways to get published:

— Contact James Neufeld about contributing to the IDEA School Blog.
— Ask the Cap Courier about opportunities to contribute writing as well as illustrations.
— Check out The Capilano Review and The Liar. Two other great places to get published. 
— Reach out to our alumni, Pamela Rounis, who is the editor of the online magazine Sad Mag which would be an amazing place to be featured.