Artifact spread for survey 7 art and colour

This is my Art and Colour spread for Survey 7. My group and I researched 3 different art movements from the beginning of the 20th century; futurism, expressionism and cubism. For my artifact I decided to make a sculpture in the futurist style similar to the famous sculpture made by Umberto Boccioni inspired by the sculpture “Nike of Samothrace”. Futurism is all about movement so I tried to make the sculpture this look. I wanted to make the first page of the spread appear as if the sculpture is being displayed in an art museum which is why you can see other paintings in the background. The second page is a zoomed in shot of of the information tag for the sculpture which has our research written on it. Overall I would give myself a 9/10 for this spread. The sculpture turned out pretty well but I wish I was able to prevent some of the cracks. I really like how the shots turned out. I think it really looks like it’s in an art museum.