Juan Gris

Picture of Juan Gris

Welcome back to the blog! This week I decided to discuss the super talented cubist artist Juan Gris. Gris took cubism and pushed it to new levels making it even more fragmented than ever before. Juan Gris wanted to make beautiful paintings that pleased the eye so he used good composition, saturated colour and of course recognizable subject matter. Similar to other cubist artists, Gris often used newsprint clippings in his work.

Still Life With Checkered Tablecloth

Here is an example of one of his paintings. I think this painting is very lovely because of the great composition and vibrant colour, two main elements in most of his paintings. The painting seems like a table overflowing with an assortment of objects at first glance but Gris hides a double meaning in the painting with a bull reminding the viewer of Gris’ homeland.

Still Life with Checkered Tablecloth,
Juan Gris

Portrait of Picasso

Gris’ mentor was Pablo Picasso who was as we know the founder of the cubist style. Gris idolized him and wanted to represent him in a cubist style painting. The painting looks very harmonious with the use of toned down primary colours. Gris depicted Picasso wearing a collared jacket rather than a smock which shows Gris respect for the sitter.

Portrait of Picasso, Juan Gris


Flowers is a feminine painting of a woman’s marble top vanity table. In this painting we can see Gris starting to use collage elements such as newspaper and an art nouveau style wallpaper. If you look closely in this painting you can see a coffee cup and pipe implying that the woman is not alone.

Flowers, Juan Gris

Woman with a basket

This painting seems reminiscent to me of art nouveau style with the outline of the woman. The face and clothing also looks reminiscent of Greek or Roman women. The basket she carries represents still life which recalls to some of Gris’ earlier paintings.

Woman With a Basket, Juan Gris