Roy Lichtenstein Pop Art

Roy Lichtenstein

Roy Lichtenstein was an American Pop Artist from the 60’s. His work is what comes to mind when average people think of Pop Art. Litchenstein earlier works very greatly in style and subject matter until he eventually found his voice once he delved deeper into the Pop Art Style. He’s best known for his pieces inspired by comic strips. Although this style of work was his most well known , he received a lot of criticism calling out the banality, lack of originality and sometimes even copying. While his work was heavily criticized it still holds its ground as an important part of the Pop Art movement.

Important Paintings by Lichtenstein

Popeye (1961)

Popeye is one of the first Pop paintings created by Roy. For now he focused on well known characters such as Popeye and Mickey Mouse but later moved on to more generic figures. This painting is unique because it’s one of the last paintings he signed directly on the surface of the painting. This piece is colourful and fun with characters that hold a place in our heart. It makes for an immediate emotional connection to the piece and holds the viewers attention.

Popeye (1961) Roy Litchenstein

Drowning Girl (1963)

Drowning girl is where Lichtenstein really came into his own style. There were other artists at the time also creating comic style pieces but none as exclusively as Roy. His use of cropping really brings the viewer into the story and remained as an iconic part of his style.

Drowning Girl (1963) Roy Litchenstein

In the Car (1963)

Roy’s use of cropping once again in this piece creates a very dramatic effect and demonstrates well the conflict between the two figures.

In The Car (1963) Roy Lichtenstein


Group 5 racing version on BMW 320ii

In 1977 Lichtenstein was commissioned to paint the racing version of the BMW 320ii for the BMW Art Car Project.

Group 5 Racing Version of the BMW 320i painted by Roy Lichtenstein