Survey 10 Spread

Survey 10 spread by Katrina and Abigail

Abigail and I made a spread for geo/po for survey 10. We decided to make a spread about hobo culture in the 1930’s so we both did research on this topic. The spread is mostly done in watercolour. We made the train the central illustration for the spread because trains and railway stations were a big part of the lifestyle of hobos. I painted the man holding the sign and the train and Abby made the background, wall and train smoke title. I found it really easy to work with Abby. Our styles and preferences merged well together. During the brainstorming process, we were able to easily bounce ideas off of each other and come up with a cohesive design that we both like. Abby prefers doing collage and typography and I enjoy painting and creating illustrations so dividing work was pretty easy. Overall I believe we deserve a 9/10 for this spread. The only thing I would’ve changed is having the text added in a more fitting way and not covering our designs on the wall. I think we both really like how the spread turned out.