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Contemporary and Post Modernism

Welcome to the last blog post for this term. After yelling at my computer screen for 20 minutes I finally found an artist from this time period that I actually like. So today we will be looking at Gerard Richter’s… Continue Reading →

Roy Lichtenstein

Roy Lichtenstein Pop Art Roy Lichtenstein was an American Pop Artist from the 60’s. His work is what comes to mind when average people think of Pop Art. Litchenstein earlier works very greatly in style and subject matter until he… Continue Reading →

Cubism, Dadaism and Surrealism: Juan Gris

Juan Gris Welcome back to the blog! This week I decided to discuss the super talented cubist artist Juan Gris. Gris took cubism and pushed it to new levels making it even more fragmented than ever before. Juan Gris wanted… Continue Reading →

Expressionism, Fauvism, Early 20th century: Wassily Kandinsky

Wassily Kandinsky Welcome back to the blog. this week I will be covering one of my favourite artists; Wassily Kandinsky. Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky is considered one of the founders of abstract modern art. His use of colour and composition… Continue Reading →

Impressionism and Post Impressionism

Pierre-Auguste Renoir Welcome back to the blog! This week’s survey we covered artists of Impressionism and post Impressionism. An Impressionist artist that captured my attention is Pierre-Auguste Renoir. He is a super well known artist from the that represent beauty… Continue Reading →

Realism, Pre Impressionism and Pre-Raphaelites

Pre-Raphaelites Welcome back to the blog! This weeks survey was on Realism, Pre-Impressionism and Pre-Raphaelites. The group that particularly stood out for me was the Pre-Raphaelite brotherhood. The group rejected the mannerist style used by artist such as Raphael and… Continue Reading →

Rococo, Neoclassicism, Romanticism: François Boucher

  François Boucher is in my eyes the epitome of the Rococo style. Everything about his style of painting is ornate, lavish, theatrical. The term kids these days would use to describe Boucher’s style would be “extra”. Just look at… Continue Reading →

Baroque: Jan Steen

Jan Steen was a 17th century Dutch painter that was well known for his genre art in the baroque style. His art was often humourus, with many bold colours. Steen often used family members as models in his paintings which… Continue Reading →

High Renaissance and Mannerism: Tintoretto

Self portrait: Tintoretto was born in Venice in 1518. He painted in the Mannerist style with bold muscular, twisted figures with an understanding of perspective. He painted quickly with loose and bold brushstrokes. He was given the nickname Il Furioso… Continue Reading →

Late Gothic and Early Renaissance Simone Martini

Simone Martini born in Siena Italy was a painter who greatly influenced the gothic style. There is some debate in the art community wether Simone Martini was a pupil of Duccio or Giotto. In my opinion I feel his work… Continue Reading →

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