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Survey 10: the Great Depression

Survey 10: Fortune and Fuhrer (1930-1945)   Let’s set the scene; It’s 1931, ice and coal is still being delivered door to door in Vancouver. In 1932 the Burrard street bridge was completed. The construction of the lions gate bridge… Continue Reading →

Survey 9: Hide your Alcohol! (1925-1930)

Colour Theory and Cool Type (1925-1930) Welcome to this week’s blog post. Today we are discussing everything that influenced design from 1925 to 1930. To start things off, Charles ‘Lindy’ Lindbergh was the first to cross the Atlantic by plane…. Continue Reading →

Survey 8 1915-25 War and Absurdity

Survey 8: 1915-25 welcome back to the blog! This weeks survey covered design from 1915 to 1925. It was during the time of World War 1. It was a catastrophic war with many deaths. It was known at the time… Continue Reading →

Survey 7: Form Follows Function

Survey 7 Summary: This week’s discussion we’ve finally reached the 20th century. 1905-1915. First major figure discussed was Frank Lloyd Wright who started working as an architect in Chicago. His mentor was Louis Sullivan who is commonly known as “the… Continue Reading →

Dreams and Designers (1895-1905)

Survey Summary: 1895-1905 We start of this era with dubious labour and unfair pay which leads to the formation of the union movement. Men and women picketed to fight for fair work conditions. The very first film is released by… Continue Reading →

Welcome to hobbies (1850-1895)

Introduction to crafts welcome back to the blog guys. Today’s class we discussed 1850s to1900s. Welcome to leisure! With more time for people to leisure there were more time for hobbies. There was also a nostalgia for the good old… Continue Reading →

Survey 4: It’s a Great Day for Hay

Survey Summary: Hey guys welcome back to the blog! Today we are covering the time period of 1750 to 1850. A lot of important events and technological breakthroughs happened during this time. Humble Roots At the very beginning of this… Continue Reading →

Survey 3: 1450 to 1750

A rebirth for mankind This week we move into the Renaissance. A time where people were not so concerned about survival and started to show more artistic and scientific innovation. It was the birth of Humanists who believed in questioning… Continue Reading →

Survey 2:0CE to 1450 CE

IDES 141 Survey 2: God and Gutenberg (0CE- 1450CE) Between the 3rd and 4th century the Chinese invented printing by using stamps or rubbings made by disciples. Printing was China’s quiet revolution. It was a huge step in Chinese culture… Continue Reading →

Survey 1 35000BCE to 0BCE

Survey 1: Handprints and Handwritting Our first lecture was on the evolution of writing from 35000 BCE to 0BCE. The earliest form of pictographs discovered are cave paintings that can date back as far as 35000 BCE. One student mention… Continue Reading →

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