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3) The Golden Age pt 1 (Herge)

Herge is a Belgian cartoonist best known for “The Adventures of Tintin” which is considered one of the most popular European Comics of the 20th century. I grew up reading all “The Adventures of Tintin” comics so Herge’s illustrations have… Continue Reading →

2) Golden Age of Illustration -Kay Nielsen

Kay Rasmus Nielsen was a famous danish illustrator during the golden age of illustration. Nielsen is known for his fairytale illustrations and his time working for Disney. Nielsen created many images for the children’s collection “East of the Sun and… Continue Reading →

1)Early Golden Age -Beatrix Potter

Welcome to my first blog post for Survey and Principles of Illustration. I am going to be covering the talented illustrator Beatrix Potter best known for her books featuring adorable animals such as “The Tale of Peter Rabbit”. Before delving… Continue Reading →

Survey 10 spread rationale

Survey 10 Spread Abigail and I made a spread for geo/po for survey 10. We decided to make a spread about hobo culture in the 1930’s so we both did research on this topic. The spread is mostly done in… Continue Reading →

Contemporary and Post Modernism

Welcome to the last blog post for this term. After yelling at my computer screen for 20 minutes I finally found an artist from this time period that I actually like. So today we will be looking at Gerard Richter’s… Continue Reading →

Roy Lichtenstein

Roy Lichtenstein Pop Art Roy Lichtenstein was an American Pop Artist from the 60’s. His work is what comes to mind when average people think of Pop Art. Litchenstein earlier works very greatly in style and subject matter until he… Continue Reading →

Survey 10: the Great Depression

Survey 10: Fortune and Fuhrer (1930-1945)   Let’s set the scene; It’s 1931, ice and coal is still being delivered door to door in Vancouver. In 1932 the Burrard street bridge was completed. The construction of the lions gate bridge… Continue Reading →

Cubism, Dadaism and Surrealism: Juan Gris

Juan Gris Welcome back to the blog! This week I decided to discuss the super talented cubist artist Juan Gris. Gris took cubism and pushed it to new levels making it even more fragmented than ever before. Juan Gris wanted… Continue Reading →

Survey 7 Spread: Art and Colour

This is my Art and Colour spread for Survey 7. My group and I researched 3 different art movements from the beginning of the 20th century; futurism, expressionism and cubism. For my artifact I decided to make a sculpture in… Continue Reading →

Survey 9: Hide your Alcohol! (1925-1930)

Colour Theory and Cool Type (1925-1930) Welcome to this week’s blog post. Today we are discussing everything that influenced design from 1925 to 1930. To start things off, Charles ‘Lindy’ Lindbergh was the first to cross the Atlantic by plane…. Continue Reading →

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