critical analysis post-write

“I” is a word I’ve been anxious to use throughout my academic studies. Before reading “They Say, I Say,” my understanding was to avoid using first person adjectives whenever possible. Since “I” was avoided in my previous writing, my knowledge of how to efficiently deliver a judgment was also compromised. I now have the tools to create a clear opinion and will never again shy away from placing “I” where it is needed. These lessons will be carried forward through all my current and future academics to showcase that I am a person with opinions and that what I have to say is valuable. Since I am shifting into the study of education, I undoubtedly will have to form judgments about other scholarly work. Through critical reading, developing judgments, and proper use of the first person I will be able to voice my critiques. What I have taken away will not only make me a stronger student but a successful educator. I shied away from the use of first person adjectives, and writing was always a chore. But now through these teachings, the use of “I” has altered my opinion of myself— I am a writer who can use my experiences to express myself and to educate others. 



rupert and kyra taken by aaron friend-lettner

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