anthology proposal + annotated bibiography post-write

I opened the green research tab in A Canadian Writer’s Reference, started reading and thought to myself: This is redundant—Kyra, you know this already, you’ve spent countless hours at libraries, you are a well-versed in the art of gathering sources, you already are an active researcher. My initial assumptions were proven wrong. Yes, I had a grasp of the tasks at hand but was I utilizing all the techniques that come along with researching? Not really. One of the lessons I walked away with was not only are you gathering sources to wrap them together coherently, but you are also diving into the world of conversing with others. My ideas still matter, and they can be heard even when I am generating an opinion about researched scholarly works. I thought I knew how to operate a database. Again, I was surprised to discover new modes of searching online. Now ‘and,’ ‘or,’ ‘not,’ and ‘the asterisk;’ will be present in my search bar to produce the best results. I am currently in a Canada before Confederation course and our next project consists of looking back at what others have said about history and challenging what they’ve discovered through our research. All the procedures from this module will set me up for success with this project. Moving forward, my rejuvenated understanding of researching will assist in my path towards education. I will be able to employ databases to discover contemporary outlooks on pedology, enter a conversation with the peer-reviewed works, and maybe one day develop my own case studies.

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a blurry path by kyra power

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