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I believe that I possess excellent time management skills, but while creating the A Dual Perspective: Benefits of an Art-Based Teaching Environment for LD (learning disabilities) Students, I underestimated the time needed to research and compile sources. I was thrilled with my anthology in the end, but wish I had left myself with an adequate amount of time to review, revise and edit. That being said, I feel that I successfully utilized an academic voice and, more importantly, my own voice. I now have a better understanding of the time that’s required to complete a research paper and have learned how to use two different styles of writing symbiotically. Along with these skills, I have also gained a wealth of information regarding educational practices to assist children with learning disabilities. The research for this anthology provided me with a better understanding of the current practices available to prospective educators, like myself. It also broadened my understanding on a more personal level—I have dyslexia and dyscalculia, so understanding new modes of learning also supports my growth as a student. The lessons I have learned will contribute positively to my goals of being an efficacious writer and also a supportive educator. 



karima by kyra power

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