Critical Analysis Post-Write

In the ‘Writing to Respond’ module, I learned the importance of effectively analyzing and critically responding to distinct pieces of literary work.

I was able to grasp a better understanding of the various ways to respond to literary pieces and distinguish the importance’s of each of the ways of responding. I also feel I was able to master the ‘art of quoting’ through a lot of practice done in and outside of class.

What I learned in this module will allow me to better critically assess other forms of literary work in my business field of study. In the Faculty of Business, it is necessary for me to read and write many papers. Being able to accurately critically assess these papers will allow me to thoroughly understand what I have read and also offer my response and say in return.

The practice completed in this module will make me a better writer outside of this English class as well and allow me to grow not only as a student but also as a writer. With what I have learned in this module, I hope to develop further as a writer and to not only build my online portfolio for potential future employers to view, but to also build my knowledge portfolio in hopes of securing valuable English writing skills and techniques as a business woman.


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