Anthology Proposal & Annotated Bibliography Post-Write

In the “Writing to Synthesize” module, I learned of the craft of researching and how to effectively find the most relevant material to further my research.

With the help of research librarian, Kim Minkus, I also discovered useful information in regards to the difference between scholarly and popular pieces of writing. Kim also demonstrated how to navigate databases to locate the most relatable and useful content for my research. The knowledge that I gained in terms of researching effectively is useful not only within this English 100 class but within my entire business degree.

Much of my degree revolves around research and analysis, similar to what was done for the anthology proposal and annotated bibliography in this module. Beyond the researching component, it is quite crucial within business school to be able to correctly integrate and utilize various forms of citation such as the MLA and APA styles. I have learned through feedback received on assignments in this class of how to further strengthen and improve my skills in this area, that are necessary in mastering for my continued success as a business student.

The researching skills I have acquired and am working towards perfecting, will be useful throughout my undergraduate career and also within my future career as an aspiring Human Resource Manager. As the HR department conducts and completes many administrative duties revolving around recruiting, paperwork processing, and training, there is an ongoing need for research and development for each individual within the HR department. And so this researching module will be extremely beneficial in enhancing all the pertinent skills within my current career as a student and in regards to my future aspirations.


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