Anthology Project Post-Write

In the final module of “Writing to Argue,” I learned more than I had anticipated I would learn going into it. As a writer I was confident in my abilities to review, revise, edit, and even cite in various styles. However, I learned that that this module connected all these parts of writing in a way that allowed me to gain a better understanding of the importance of each of these elements separately and then by also how they intricately tied together.

Piecing together the anthology project introduction was an eye-opener in demonstrating the importance of using “I say.” In introducing the thoughts and facts of information by other researchers and writers, I had to also be wary of not leaving my voice and thoughts unheard. This is something that I was able to integrate into my personal anthology project through a glimpse into my experiences.

Outside of English 100, I have had to write a number of papers in my other classes this term, all with varying degrees of research and my own views. I was able to apply what I learned in this class, particularly in this final module, to all of those assignments, by stepping back and assessing the work I had produced. I can wholeheartedly say that I took more away from this module than I expected to and I am truly pleased at the amount of useful and applicable knowledge I gained in bettering my writing for future research.

As a future businesswoman, much of my undergraduate degree is focused on researching which is built upon the art of reviewing, revising, and editing. And by bettering my skills inside of English 100, I know that my newfound knowledge will reflect in my future work in other classes as well.


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