ePortfolio Peer Mentor

From the start of the Fall 2017 semester, I have been peer mentoring in the writing center to help students and faculty alike, with setting up their ePortfolios. This has been a year long project for me that I’m proud of. I have invested time in and outside of school in setting up a thorough ePortfolio that is a constant work in progress. This Summer I am focusing on school as I am enrolled in six classes over a short term, which I am prioritizing. But come Fall, I will be available again in the Writing Center to help guide my peers with their ePortfolios, so that they too can showcase the accomplishments that they are proud of.

I have come a long way from the shy and quiet student that I was in high school. Taking the step to put myself forward in this project has been well worth every hour, because it’s helped my grow my network and meet new faculty and students that I would not have otherwise. I hope my last semester, I can be more hands on in showing students how to create an ePortfolio that best reflects their personalities and interests.

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