The Beginning of the End: Reflection

With the start of the summer semester two weeks ago, and six classes underway, I’m beginning to finally feel excitement for graduating by the end of the year. Last semester, on a whim and in order to speed up my graduation date, I decided to take 7 classes, which everyone around me thought to be crazy. I surprisingly managed just fine, while still balancing extra-curriculars such as my not-for-profit organization (Youth Transforming Society- more info can be found in the related category), peer mentoring, and maintaining a social life. I was able to maintain my gpa as well which is what was my biggest worry entering the semester.

The real test has actually been this Summer semester. My original plan was to take a full schedule over the course of 13 weeks which is a typical semester. However, during registration I quickly realized the lack of classes offered during the summer at Capilano University. That’s when the dread, of my plans to graduate in Winter 2018 derailing, set in. This sent me into panic mode, and I was scrambling to figure out how I could take 5-6 classes in half the time of a regular semester. With encouragement from my friends and family, I dove headfirst into a tough semester of six classes, one which is a mixed-mode class and only runs for four weeks, one of which is online, and the remaining four will run over the six weeks.

I am now at the beginning of the third week, and it’s been just as tough as I anticipated. Taking seven classes last semester was a walk in park compared to the craziness of this short-lived semester. Driving from Surrey to school, four times a week has been another challenge on top of the heavy course load. All four days, my classes begin at 8:30 am, meaning I need to be out of my door no later than 6:45 to be able to make it to North Vancouver in heavy traffic. Twice a week, I am at school from 8:30 am to 9:00 pm, during which one of the days I have four, three-hour long classes. If there’s any silver-lining during this, I’ve learned to meal prep the day before so that I have snacks available throughout the day in order to make it through the 12+ hour days and long drives to and from school.

People still look at me like I’ve grown a third eye in front of their very own eyes, when I reveal how many classes I am taking. But what keeps me motivated is knowing, next summer I’ll hopefully be working a good job and be able to enjoy my evenings, instead of spending them in the library like I am right now. The end of this intense undergrad career is finally in sight.

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