BADM 201: Business Information Systems Final Project

I took BADM 201: Business Information Systems in Fall 2017. This class was informative in introducing me to a new tool: Microsoft Access which allows you to build data bases and easily manage them. At the end of the semester we were assigned a project of presenting to the class, “how something works.” We were given free reign on what we could work on, as long we demonstrated to the class how this device, tool, technology, process, etc., worked and the steps involved in making it work. My team and I worked on the project “How Face Recognition Software Works.”

Leading up to the presentation, my team and I conducted extensive research on this topic which was fairly new to us. However our interests in iPhone X’s face recognition feature was intriguing for all of us and motivated us to learn further. The day of the presentation was quite nerve-racking as we did not want to confuse the class with new terms or lingo that we may have become familiar with during our presentation, but was new to the class. At the end, our instructor had no questions for us and we received 100% on the paper and presentation.

Below is the final term paper for our project.

How Facial Recognition Systems Work (.pdf) (633 KB)

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