BADM 204: Strategic Management Business Plan

I took Strategic Management in Fall 2017 and found it to be a very useful class because of the term long project we worked on. Working with a team of students of varying background, accountants, human resources, marketing, etc., using an online program, we simulated what it would be like to operate our own company. This company was called Infinite Inc., and combining all of our strengths we were able to successfully operate the company over an eight week period using strategic decisions such as, should we acquire a new business venture or should we consider entering a new foreign market?

At the end of the semester, we compiled a thorough business plan. We presented this to a “potential investor”  who was our instructor for the course. Based on her feedback, we made adjustments to the business plan. At the end we received a strong A+ on the final report, which is reflective of the teamwork and long hours we spent working on it.

Below is the link to my teams final strategic business plan for Infinite Inc.

Strategic Business Plan for Infinite Inc. (.pdf) (397 KB)

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