BMKT 161: Marketing Strategic Plan

My first semester at Capilano University, which was also my first term of my business undergraduate career, I was enrolled in my first and last class of Marketing. During this class, we learned about the basics of marketing such as the four p’s in business: price, place, product, and promotion. Additionally, we conducted an environmental scan of the popular Canadian company, Herschel, which is widely renowned for its backpacks and now clothing. Using the numerous tools we learned over the semester, we had to create an extensive marketing plan for a company we designed on our own.

As my entire group and I dislike the rain that Vancouver is famous for, we decided to call our company, Raincouver. We ‘created’ a new product called the BikePack, a secure, functional, and waterproof pack for bicyclists. Using our own experiences as well as based on research of features that local bicyclists strived for in their backpacks, we created a product that was theft-proof and could face the elements of our wet climate. We were proud of the effort we put into creating this plan, especially as all four of us were new business students.

Our presentation was well-rehearsed and meticulous from hours of practice and we scored the highest in the class. This presentation and project was nerve-racking for me as I do not consider marketing to be my strong suit as I dislike sales. Despite this, we did exceptionally well all around.

Below is our final marketing plan for the Raincouver BikePack.

Raincouver Final Strategic Marketing Plan (.pdf) (357 KB)


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