BADM 318: Project Management

As part of our Project Management class this semester, we were asked by our instructor to create an ePortfolio to be able to learn the basics of what this tool is and how it can be of use for future employers. I had an existing ePortfolio as I am an ePortfolio peer mentor at Capilano University. However, this project couldn’t have come at a better time as I have been meaning to edit and improve my WordPress site further but hadn’t gotten around to it since the end of the Spring semester. I finally set aside time this past weekend to see where I could make changes to the layout of my site and made improvements to the menu. I also had time to reflect on how stressful and energy consuming this semester has been for me. Just putting those thoughts on the screen was a stress reliever on its own.

Using my changing ePortfolio, I will be adding more updates on the term project we have been assigned this semester in this class, which is to create a project plan for an existing project for an external organization using the resources and information we are learning in class. My team and I decided to work on a project plan that will hopefully be of use for the Prostate Society of BC, which is where one of our teammates, Sarah, currently works. I initially created this ePortfolio in English 100 to showcase papers and assignments that I was proud to share with others, but never did I think I would extend that semester long project into a multi-year endeavour that would be of use in my third year project management class, but here we are now.

Stay tuned for updates on our team project plan as the short semester progresses!