Mario is my 9 year old, 20 lb Shih-Tzu x Poodle with an innate love for cheese. Despite his age, he’s still mistaken for a puppy because of his endless energy and love for strangers.

Mario has been a significant part of my life since the day my sister unexpectedly brought him home. He has experienced the biggest moments of my life to date with me, from the transition from high school to post-secondary, entering the work force, the birth of my niece, and the list continues.

When I’m up studying late at night for exams he patiently sleeps by me, waiting for me to wrap up my work. When I get home after a long commute, I can always count on this furbear to come bouncing to greet me at the door, with his tail wagging at full force.

Mario is known by a number of different names, some of which are: Babu, Lovebug, and Fluffer (the latter of which applies when he is long overdue for his grooming appointment).

His affectionate personality has made the greatest animal misocynists rethink their distaste for the canine species. Some of my friends who were at first afraid of dogs have come to admire dogs and all the love that they have to offer.

Although Mario is now considered a senior dog, you would never be able to guess that once you meet him.