Youth Transforming Society

My three peers and I started Youth Transforming Society (YTS) in 2010, a not-for-profit organization which exists to deliver our mission of encouraging volunteerism amongst youth and assisting in local and global humanitarian issues. With the help of our friends and families, we would do bottle drives to assist in the relief efforts for natural disasters such as the Haiti Earthquake, which is where our organization first emerged from.

Growing from these simple charitable initiatives, we have grown to a strong team of 20+ executives, three directors, a chairperson, and treasurer. Our dedicated team has implemented numerous new initiatives over the last four years such as our successful annual Volunteering and Beyond event which is a volunteer fair that connects high school and post-secondary students with 50+ local organizations for students to connect with underneath one roof. Building on our mission, we also expanded to create the Let’s Talk Volunteering event which we host at a local high school and is a take on the TedTalks style event that many of us are familiar with. We have invited 3-4 guest speakers during the event to speak on how they have tied volunteerism with their careers and life goals and how it has helped them achieve their successes. Then we ladder into a mini volunteer fair, for inspired students to take away real value from. This year’s Let’s Talk Volunteering is at Johnston Heights Secondary in Surrey, BC on June 6, 2018 and more information can be found on our website:

YTS has grown so extensively over the course of the last eight years with the help of like-minded students and community members, and I’d like to see it stem into an even bigger charity that gives back to our community and beyond in more ways than we can currently. My hope is that once I graduate, I can be a more hands on presence to assist the team in continuing our success.