Final Reflection

English 100 allowed me to grow tremendously as a writer. I gained a plethora of knowledge in terms of tweaking my writing style. I learned how to approach and alter my tendency to be wordy when writing, through the constructive criticism I received from my peers and from Professor Mahood.

For example, in writing the critical analysis assignment for this class, students were given the opportunity to integrate the feedback received by Professor Mahood and my peers in strengthening the assignment at a chance for a higher mark. I initially had received a grade that I was happy to accept, but I was not fully content with the work that I had produced. As a result, I took the feedback into account and made the necessary changes. In doing so, I received an A; the highest mark to date on one of my English 100 assignments.

In this course I was also able to perfect the MLA and APA citation styles, both of which I use regularly in my other business classes. In addition, prior to English 100, I was unaware of what an anthology and annotated bibliography were. I learned fully what an anthology entails and the usefulness of this literary piece of work.

Furthermore, although at first I was wary of the relevance of the post-writes, after writing all three of the post-writes, I realized how compelling these literary pieces are in reflecting on what I had learned. Taking the necessary time to understand each of the skills I gained in a particular area showed the gravity of these skills and how they tied to my future aspirations.

The researching, critically analysis, and writing to argue elements that I adopted as a writer all tie together to strengthen my skills as a business student. I have noticed a considerable change in my approach to writing assignments in my other business classes as a result of the feedback I have received in English 100.

I have written various business plans and papers this semester that I extremely proud of. A piece of work I am particularly proud of, I had produced for my Organizational Behaviour course this semester about my motivational makeup. In this paper I learned about myself as an employee and engaged the techniques that I was learning in this class in completing the paper.

Moreover, the ‘Writing to Argue’ module was exceptionally helpful in demonstrating the importance of planning, effectively researching, and integrating my voice with the voice of other researchers in my writing. All of these components are vital in various business courses and will also be of importance in my future career as a Human Resource Manager and currently as a philanthropist.

Each and every single one of the skills I attained will allow me to assert my credibility as a professional businesswoman in the future and as a voice in the community today. Although the areas we focused on and studied during the course of English 100 may individually seem minor, as a whole they add greatly to my knowledge bank and abilities.