Second-ish Year

With the start of the third week of the school year, I’m already feeling the pressure of a full course load mixed with work and extracurricular commitments. 

There’s a feeling of excitement knowing I am in my first HR Management course of my degree and a sense of dread for the number of presentations I will be completing through the course of this semester. I have always been reserved within the classroom setting but to really push myself beyond my comfort levels I have been participating in different projects.

For example, this semester I am one of the six peer mentors for an ePortfolio project at Capilano University. An ePortfolio is an online platform that encompasses the academic and professional work that a student would like to showcase to peers, faculty, and even potential employers. The type of work displayed can vary from reflective pieces, to personal blogs, or even resumes. The ePortfolio project is a digital binder that illustrates an individuals’ personality and strengths. I completed my first ePortfolio in my English 100 class not knowing I would continue to add to my site as my experiences in and outside of school built. 

I am in no way a techy person, as I have proclaimed numerous times to the various students I have guided and I don’t possess a single artsy bone in my body. But I still somehow managed to experiment with WordPress and set up an ePortfolio that gives readers an idea of whats make me, ME!

So for those of you scratching your heads at the beginning of the semester when your instructor assigned you the ePortfolio term project, unsure of where to begin; it’s much simpler than it sounds. 

Carve out some time each weekend to play around with the various themes WordPress has to offer and see what works best for you. Familiarize yourself with the set up of your site and before you know it you’ll have your personal ePortfolio ready for your instructor, peers, or boss to view.

Going back to why I decided to apply for this position, I wanted to push my boundaries by lending myself to a project outside of my program that would also allow me to meet knew students and staff. I have presented to faculty members and completed a workshop for students. Speaking in front of a large group of people has always caused a great deal of anxiety for me, but I am starting to notice how my anxiety lessens little by little with the more presentations I do. 

I hope as the semester progresses I can become comfortable enough to not feel the pang of unease I would feel, sitting in a classroom before my name was called up to present.