IDES 244: Resume

I directed my resume towards the branding and advertising agency, Toolbox Design. Through researching their past projects and also their company beliefs, there were several words that popped up in my mind: clean, young, friendly, trendy, and happy. In many of their projects, they use fresh colours including pastel pinks and blues. I chose to incorporate the same pastel salmon pink found in their project for “Southgate/Mapleview/Bayshore Personal Stylists” in my header name. Toolbox’s main typeface was very geometric and round. Initially, I was going to use the font “Avenir”, but decided to use “Averta” instead, which appears friendlier and more bubbly. I wanted to keep my layout clean and comfortable, as this comes across on most of their projects. My favourite project that they worked on was the Fraser Commons project, which completely embodies Toolbox’s fun personality. I drew most of my inspiration from this project. I would give myself a 9/10 as I believe my resume effectively caters to Toolbox through layout, text, hierarchy, and colour. I think if I incorprated some textural or illustrative elements into my resume, it would make it stand out more and add more personality.

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