Project 1: Design Manifesto

I got the idea for my manifesto by reading several well-known design manifestos online and the ones I realized I resonated most with were focused on consumer culture. In particular, “1000 Words: A Manifesto for Sustainability in Design” by Allan Chochinov, Chochinov talks about how many things are created only to be replaced immediately. As designers, however, we have to be aware that we leave our mark on everything we create and creating only to sell a product will ultimately effect something in the future. Instead of creating for instant gratification, we should think sustainably. For my manifesto, I decided to stick to an uncomplicated design to focus more on the copy. The background, however, I chose a photograph because after playing around with background colours, I decided I wanted some texture but nothing too overwhelming. Because of the flowers on the bottom of the image, I felt that this photo tied in well with the context of preservation. I originally went with a serif font but decided to switch it to a sans serif because as others mentioned, the serif felt more outdated. I also chose orange in the text to keep the poster warmer toned and separate from the second part of the title (“Not the present”).

I would give myself 7/10 because I feel like I could have done a bit more if I had added illustrations or played around with other textures. However, I was experimenting a bit with this poster so I don’t regret my decisions completely.


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