Project 2 – Resume

After looking through several resumes for inspiration, I decided on a simple to go for a look that was very different from my previous resume. I chose a style where the emphasis could be placed on typography. The bold title is the typeface, Womby while the body text is Montserrat. I chose these 2 sans serif fonts because I wanted something modern. My resume was targeted toward the design agency, Burnkit. Burnkit is a modern and experimental company and I tried to mimic their designs a bit in my resume.

I would give myself an 8.5/10 because I believe I created a good type hierarchy. The first words to read are the coloured titles which overlap a bit of the body text to make it more interesting but are still readable. The next type to stand out are the important dates and important information. The smallest printed type are descriptions. Because of this structure, I feel like the resume flows well from top to bottom.

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