“Colonization of the Americas” (Survey 3 blue design spread)


For my comparative design spread this week I wanted to embody how the Europeans set out to other corners of the world. I used a map template to not only create a sense of ‘adventure’ during this age of enlightenment but also help indicate where the Indigenous where inhabiting during the voyages of Christopher Columbus and Jacques Cartier and the settlement of Europeans. I kept the map simple as to not take away from the information but added enough details such as a compass, mountains, water ripples, and a tanned background to create an old look from the 16th century. This helped make make my spread engaging and appropriate to the assigned time period.

I highlighted the locations where the voyagers and settlers arrived in the colour red and also coloured the sails of the ships the same colour to help add a connection.

I’ve also placed central America and the Caribbean on one side of the spread because it made more sense and had a better flow and balance as opposed to just connecting North America, central America, and the Caribbean as one in the middle of my spread which would probably make it look awkward and illogical.

In general, I tried to clearly indicate where European settlers and voyagers arrived and explain how the Indigenous of these areas were overall effected.


I would give myself an 8 out of 10. I could improve by making the map more colourful and dynamic and making the text look less “boring” or plain, however, I believe I’ve communicated what I wanted to in an interesting and engaging way through a map.


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