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Impressionism & post-impressionism.

Pierre Bonnard (1867-1947).

Pierre Bonnard was known to be one of the founder members of the post-impressionistic group, “the Nabis”, in which they abandoned three dimensional modelling. Born in France his work was appreciated early on during his career especially his talent in capturing “fleeting poses”; his first show was at the Galerie Durand-Ruel in 1896. Bonnard was personally an ‘intimist’ since he was more interested in the daily tasks of a simple life and many of these art works include¬†his wife Marthe de Meligny. In general, he was interested in intense colour palettes by building up small brush strokes on these areas. He was more concerned with capturing the essence of a moment through memory rather than accurately portraying it thus giving his work a dream-like quality; his work was not quite accurate to reality yet was immersive and charming. He preferred to work on multiple pieces at the same time in his studio. Personally I admire work that is “narrative” through simple storytelling, whether that be a woman sitting alone in a cafe or everyday people in the street. His use of soft colour palettes and strokes add a tenderness, similar to Bonnard’s personality.

“The Letter” (c.1906), oil on canvas
“Woman Dozing on a Bed”, c. 1899


“Nude in the Bath”, c. 1925


“Self Portrait with a Beard”, c. 1925


“Man and Woman”, c. 1900



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  1. Susan,
    Fair post on Bonnard. Possibly a bit more research and some personal insights and feelings for the work would be a good idea. Also you are a bit behind in more recent posts #7 and this Monday #8. Try to stay ahead of the game if possible.


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