About me!

Hey there!

Hi I’m Susan, welcome to my eportfolio! I’m currently in my first year studying graphic design at Capilano University. I love to trek alone in forests and trails, draw unsuspecting people on transit, and sleep in. After finishing high school I studied Health Science at Simon Fraser University for two years and found myself lost and unsure of what I actually wanted to pursue. My academic interests lie in chemistry and observing bodies and faces; I think that’s why I love life drawing whether it be in class, at home, or on the go in public. I would say the most influential people in my life are film graphic designer Annie Atkins, who worked on set props for films such as “The Grand Budapest hotel”, and comic book artist, Kim Jung Gi. They helped reconnect me to art and allowed me to realize that art can be integrated into my career and doesn’t have to stay as a hobby. I’m excited to learn what’s offered in this program and discover what will stand out to me in the graphic design industry. I really look forward to growing as a  person through my four years here!