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Odilon Redon | Impressionism & Post Impressionism

Odilon Redon | 1891-1916 was actually named Bertrand-Jean Redon. Odilon was  a nickname given to him stemming from his mother’s name which was Odile.

Redon had always been an excellent drawer, even as a very young boy, but later dabbled in quite a few different mediums.

He took up sculpture, etching and lithography, later in life he took up pastels and oils which would dominate his work.

His father wanted him to be an architect but unfortunately Odilon failed the entrance test to the school his father wanted him to attend.  His art career took a break when he went to serve in the army during the 1870 Franco-Prussian War.

Odilon Redon’s works were meant to be explorations of his inner feelings and psyche. His work was to represent the ghosts of his own mind. So lots of his works (the ones I like best) show strange creatures with a healthy dash of nightmare fuel.

“The logic of visible at the service of the invisible” – Odilon Redon speaking about his art.



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